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February – Now is the time to…

Fungus gnats resemble fruit flies, thrive in wet soil, and feed on plants roots and debris. Allow plants to dry out between waterings and keep soil clear of dead leaves and dropped flowers. read more

Annual survey relies on farmers’ participation

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is encouraging farmers to take part in its annual pesticide and fertilizer use survey. The 2016 survey is directed at corn producers and hay growers. read more

USDA Invests in the Red River Basin

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service will invest $8 million this year to help landowners in the Red River Basin watershed reduce flooding, enhance wildlife habitat, and improve water quality. read more

CED Update

Most payments have been made in our county so if you are missing a payment please check with our office to see if you might be missing a signature or we can verify whether you were paid or not. read more

General CRP Signup Underway at FSA

The Farm Service Agency is currently conducting a General CRP signup that began on December 1 and will continue through February 26, 2016. read more

2014 and/or 2015 ARC-CO Payment Recalculation:

Procedure is coming that will allow producers to request that their ARC-CO payments be recalculated based on where the land is physically located and not where the land is administered like was done for the initial payment process. read more

Beginning Farmer Loans

FSA assists beginning farmers to finance agricultural enterprises. Under these designated farm loan programs, FSA can provide financing to eligible applicants through either direct or guaranteed loans. read more

4H Newsletter

The most current 4H newsletter can be found on the following website.http://www3.extension.umn.edu/county/becker