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December – Now is the time to…

Short days and cloudy weather typical this time of year significantly reduce the amount of light houseplants receive. Take time to clean the surface of your houseplants’ leaves and stems. read more

Thoughts from the Pasture

Do you own livestock? If so, chances are you have livestock for enjoyment as well as for profit. The amount of profit that one can make in the livestock business will ebb and flow as with other commodities, however to improve in the livestock business one must enjoy caring for the critters. read more

CED Comments

October is payment month here at the FSA Office. We are currently working on CRP annual rental payments. The CRP payments are processed in batches from oldest to newest contracts. read more

USDA Packages Disaster Protection with Loans to Benefit Specialty Crop and Diversified Producers

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) today announced that producers who apply for FSA farm loans also will be offered the opportunity to enroll in new disaster loss protections created by the 2014 Farm Bill. read more

NRCS Announces Early EQIP Signup for FY 2016 Funding

Agricultural producers looking to solve natural resource problems on their farms will want to plan ahead and sign-up early for United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) funding. read more

USDA Announces Conservation Incentives for Working Grass, Range and Pasture Lands

Signup for the CRP-Grasslands initiative began on September 1st. Signup for the intitial CRP-Grasslands will end on November 20, 2015. The CRP-Grasslands initiative will provide participants who establish long-term, resource-conserving covers with annual rental payments up to 75 percent of the grazing value of the land. read more

Loans for Targeted Underserved Producers

FSA has a number of loan programs available to assist applicants to begin or continue in agriculture production. Loans are available for operating type loans and/or to purchase or improve farms or ranches. read more

2016 MN Gardening Calendars Available

This award winning 12-month spiral bound calendar (9 ½ x 13 inches) is filled with full color photographs that highlight Minnesota gardening month by month. It also includes timely tips for lawn, garden and houseplant care, with a special feature on conserving wild bees. read more

4H Newsletter

The most current 4H newsletter can be found on the following website.http://www3.extension.umn.edu/county/becker