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August – Now is the time to…

Add more flowering perennials to your garden. Late August through early September is an ideal time to plant them, whether new from the garden center or divisions from your own plants. Make sure there are two or three weeks of decent growing conditions expected after planting them. Mulch around them, then after the tops die, rake leaves or straw on top, too. read more

Master Gardener Training

Master Gardeners are unique people who take an active interest in gardening, are willing to learn and enjoy helping others. The professional training they receive in horticulture makes Master Gardeners special. The University of Minnesota Extension Service provides this training in exchange for volunteer hours. Master Gardeners work with local County Extension Offices to provide valued research based horticultural information to their communities. read more

Checking Food Preservation Equipment

Food preservation season is here. Now is the time to check your equipment. Pressure canners are either a dial gauge or a weighted gauge. Weighted gauges do not require testing but should be kept clean and rust-free. Dial gauges should be tested every year for accuracy. read more

Attention 4-H Families

Please remember to save your Central Market register receipts with a “WE CARE” stamp and turn them into the Extension Office. read more

Plant, Pest & Gardening Clinics

With summer upon us, so come the many questions about trees, shrubs, home gardens and lawns. To help answer your questions and provide helpful ideas, the Becker County Extension Service features Plant & Pest/and Gardening Clinics every Monday (May-Sept) and Friday (June-Aug) from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the Extension Office. read more

Becker County 4-H Holds Annual Awards Program

Becker County 4-H is proud to recognize accomplishments made by the youth and adult volunteers throughout the 4-H year of October 2015 through September 2016. Outgoing officers were recognized... read more

4H Newsletter

The most current 4H newsletter can be found on the following website.