Master Gardener Training

Master Gardeners are unique people who take an active interest in gardening, are willing to learn and enjoy helping others. The professional training they receive in horticulture makes Master Gardeners special. The University of Minnesota Extension Service provides this training in exchange for volunteer hours. Master Gardeners work with local County Extension Offices to provide valued research based horticultural information to their communities.

There will be Master Gardener Core Course training during the winter of 2018 at the St. Paul Campus as well as Online Training over the Internet. Participants must pick up and fill out an application that is submitted to their County Extension Office. Once the application is approved, applicants will then register to participate at one of the training sites or the online site. Space will be limited, so interested gardeners should start the application process as early as possible.

The course covers best management practices of lawn care; trees and shrubs; pest and weed control; soil science: botany; plant nutrition; fruits and vegetables; flowers and other horticulture subjects. University horticultural specialists serve as instructors of the Master Gardener Core Course, plus participants receive excellent resource materials. After completing the initial core course, training continues with an internship of 50 hours of volunteer time with the local County Extension Office. Participants become Certified Master Gardeners upon completion of the Core Course and the internship. Volunteering 25 hours per year after the initial training year will be required to sustain certification as a Master Gardener. Participants must also sign a commitment to volunteer hours and submit the $305 ($275 for course and materials; $30 for background check). Participants who complete the MG On-Line Core Course and also complete the required internship of 50 hours of volunteer time within the first year of program participation will be reimbursed for half of the course fee.

The class deadline is October 2, 2017. If you would like to enhance your horticulture skills, and volunteer your time helping others and your community, consider becoming a Master Gardener. For more information and to get an application to participate in the Master Gardener program, please contact Linda Perrine, Office Manager at the Becker County Extension Office at 218-846-7328 or by e-mail